Helpful Tips



  • Ensure all overhead lighting is functional in all areas to be photographed
  • Check that the underwater lights in the pool are working
  • See that all outdoor lighting and signage is working and that it turns on before dusk

Guest Rooms

  • Make sure all rooms needed are available the day of the shoot
  • When possible, choose rooms with windows facing North to avoid direct sunlight
  • Check that all bedding is free of holes and imperfections
  • Ensure that all sheets and pillow cases are well pressed and the bed skirts are steamed or pressed with no visible wrinkles
  • Check the curtains to make sure they are hanging properly and not damaged


  • Ensure the grass is trimmed and plants are well kept
  • If possible, ahead of time try to put traffic cones on any parking spots immediately in front of the building; surrounding the entry way (cars can date photos very quickly, plus you can’t control how nice the cars are that park in the close spots)

Lobby and Other Public Areas

  • No seasonal decorations (these images will be used all year, so you don’t want Christmas decorations in your photos in June)
  • Clutter should be removed from seating areas and check-in desk
  • Windows should be cleaned


  • The deck should be scrubbed to remove chemical/water stains
  • Windows surrounding the pool should be cleaned inside and out
  • Ensure towels are fully stocked
  • Trash cans, dirty towel bins, and pool maintenance equipment will need to be removed at the time of the shoot


  • Clean the mirrors thoroughly to remove streaking and finger prints
  • Fully stock the towels
  • Wipe down all the equipment

Breakfast Room

  • No promotional materials or table tents should be on the tables
  • Make sure the tables and chairs are arranged in an organized manner

Meeting Room

  • Ensure the meeting room is available the day of the shoot
  • Set the room as you would for a full service meeting or banquet
  • If using linens, make sure they are pressed and wrinkle free
  • Clean the carpets

Business Center

  • Bundle cords together and hide them from view


  • Make sure the tables and chairs are aligned and arranged in an organized manner
  • Straighten any place settings, silverware, glassware, etc.


  • Clear the bar of all clutter
  • Neatly arrange any liquor, wine, and beer bottles in view
  • Clean the floors
  • Make sure the tables and chairs are arranged in an organized manner